Cat Tran
Full name: Cathrine Tran
Occupation: Student
Sex: Female
Relatives: None
Significant Others: None
Portrayed by: Beemo

Catherine (Cat) Tran is a student attending Bouken High.


She has medium length black hair with rainbow streaks. She wears her school uniform to school, but after school or on weekends, she mostly wears dresses, and skirts.


Cat is mostly described as an optimist. She likes to look at the bright side of every situation, not matter how bad it seems. She is also very courteous, caring, and polite. Although, she won't stick up for her friends in tough situations. Cat will definitely make sure you're okay after. She is usually with her friends Alexis and Arria, though, she'll be happy to make new friends!


Alexis RyersonEdit

Alexis is one of Cat's best friends. Although she seems to scare her a little, they get along well.

Arria HerrysEdit

Arria is Cat's other best friend. Not much is shown about their friendship. but after Arria got knocked down accidentally by Chris, she made sure Arria is okay. Although Arria and Alexis's friendship is a little rocky, the three of them seem to generally get along well sometimes.

Rory AndersonEdit


Chris GarciaEdit

Although Chris ran into Arria and made her fall, Cat does not think bad of him because she knows it was an accident. Not much is known about their friendship, but it doesn't seem like Cat dislikes him.

Chromwell HoltEdit


Mero SankaEdit






Chapters FeaturedEdit

Major appearancesEdit

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  • She has received mixed "reviews" of her hair.
  • Her favorite pony is Fluttershy.
  • She hates spiders but adores Spiderman.

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