Bouken High (chapter 1) is the first chapter in the Bouken High series.


Here is to all you guys from Adventure time chat. May my friends find entertainment in this story, and to my enemies, I hope you choke on it. This is only the beginning. I am going to introduce characters slowly, so I have time to introduce each one without feeling rushed or crowded for space.



School is in SessionEdit

The morning sun had begun is ascent into its place into the sky, showering its warmth and unwelcome light across the Kyoto region. The pale, cooked blinds offered little support against the lights intrusion, as it found its way into the poorly lit room revealing the young man sprawled out across between two desks. Amongst the dust ridden remains of the unkempt classroom were the man's left over provisions, a half-eaten cup of noodles, used tea bags tossed haphazardly around, and a pair of stained chopsticks was the only visible possessions of the young man. As the light crawled its way from his remaining meal, up his legs, and finally blinding his face, he stirred with a growl not willing to relinquish his comfortable position on the unyieldingly hard desks. If he had took the time to remember why he had made sure to taken refuge in the shabby classroom in the first place, he may have thought twice about continuing his slumber. As his snoring was allowed to once again fill the halls, the gathering had already been set into motion.

"I can't believe we were able to make it in! Isn't this school the one with the lowest acceptance rate of the entire planet?" A cheerful voice exclaimed in disbelieve. The girl, of whom it belonged, held onto her books tightly in excitement, her palms turning pale from the growing grip as she made her way down the sidewalk. "Not only did we all get into the same high school, but the best one anywhere, together!" With a small giggle she took a moment to wipe her multi colored bangs away from her face and make sure her uniforms skirt was straight. Can you believe it Alexis?"

"Well no duh it would be hard to get into Cat, The people who graduate from this school are all sure fire winners, they go on to top notch colleges and end up in charge of everything. I mean I understand why I'm here, though I can't say the same about the two of you." Alexis joked, revealing a toothed grin. "I have the looks, brain, and tenacity to rival owners of corporations! I mean at least you have your brain Cat, but poor old Arria here barely squeaked in I bet." She leant her hair back, allowing her shoulder length blonde hair to drop down from her neck, and walked forward in an "I'm better than you" march.

"Well, actually Alexis, I got perfect scores on not only the entrance exams, but I already received a letter from my favorite colleges promising to let me in long as I make it through here. Mentioning that I would have the prestigious honor of attending Bouken high had all the colleges just begging for a piece of this action." Arria smirked as she watched the shocked look of Alexis grow into a scowl.

"I did not come halfway across the globe for this school to have to deal with your sass!" Alexis stomped her foot and crossed the street pouting, her arms crossed and her chest pressed out relaying her annoyance at how her attempt at bragging was so quickly shot down.

"Ummm... Alex?" stuttered Cat as she watched her friends squabble like usual.

"WHAT CAT?" She shot back refusing to look back.

"I think Bouken high is the other direction…" Cat pointed at the towering monument of a high school that Alexis had managed to completely miss in her rush to create distance between them.

"Oh! That's right! Haha good one Cat, I was testing your observational skills. Got to make sure you are really cut out for Bouken." She responded with a nervous laugh and a flush of pink through her cheeks.

"Whatever makes you feel better?" Arria smirked and softened into a warm smile.

"I am glad we all get to stay together though."

Alexis relaxed and couldn't help but return one herself taking both friends by the arm and pulled them forward. "Me too, but if you think about it, with my talent working for you guys, was there any doubt we would be separated?" Cat just laughed to herself and nodded hoping the confrontation would diffuse the closer they got to school. "I have a feeling this is going to be awesome!" She exclaimed, receiving nods in unison as they took off towards the towering building on the horizon.


"Rory, hurry the hell up before we leave you behind. You sticking your face into that iPod of yours aren't going to make this trip any faster you know! Especially if you stop every thirty seconds to change the song, they have shuffle for a reason." The voice was drained, tired, and clearly non to happy about being woken up at six am to "further his education," which turned out only to be a ruse by Rory to get to school early to have enough time to sign up for the glee club. "You really think being late is a first impression you want to this club of yours, let alone the best school ever, is the one you want to be making on your very first day?"

"Cromwell, art cannot be rushed; it is only perfected with time, practice, and patience." Rory grinned enthusiastically as he caught up to his friend and playfully showed him the current song playing. "With Bohemian Rhapsody, I am guaranteed to get in!" He hugged his IPod before placing it back into his coat pocket.

"Yeah well you lost both of our patience about five blocks back." Cromwell gestured behind at the young man trailing about four feet behind. A figure that had absolved from joining in such pointless arguing and simply stuck to tagging along, free from Rory's singing, and Cromwell's complaining. "Aint that right Chris?"

"It's none of my concern what club Rory wants to join, or the fact that you are just grumpy you got dragged out of bed early for once Crom." He stated softly in response never raising his voice above a flat tone. He readjusted his hoodie to cover his head better, but in the few seconds it took him to get comfortable his messy brown hair peered out from the hooded dungeon he kept it in. Both Rory and Cromwell remained silent for a few moments, choosing to continue on in silence than to strike up an argument with Chris. Chris looked at the two and how their heads hung low in defeat and sighed deeply before gently adding, "You shouldn't have to practice Rory, we all know singing is your thing. So can we hurry up and get to school already, the first bell is going to ring soon."

Cromwell grinned and wrapped an arm around Chris's shoulder. "Awww I always said you were a big softy, trying to act all mysterious and cool, but you can't help but try and make us feel better can you?" Crom joked and managed to get a small smile from Chris's expressionless face before Chris shoved him off and walked ahead.

"Shut your mouth before I shut it for you!" Chris growled back at Crom before stomping off.

"Is this the real life, is this just Fanta-"

"I said stop singing Rory!" Crom yelled out from up the street. Rory looked up to find his two friends already half way down the block and ran after them. "Guys hey! Wait for me!" Chris had been so busy with ending the accusation of his sensitivity showing he has not been watching where he was going. His hands were in his pockets and his face tucked away inside of his hood as he stormed his way down the street ignoring all of his friend's cries.

Nothing is going to stop me till I get to this school! Not Rory's singing, not Chrom's yelling, not even-

A loud thud and a force that nearly toppled him over shook him out of his mental sanctuary as he came around a corner. All he could make out before he came to his senses was a blur of blonde hair and some sort of narwhal looking bag fly past his face. It wasn't until the yelling of his friends and two unknown voices that he was able to shake him back together and figure out what happened. On the ground before him was a girl and her belongings scattered along the ground beside her. In his carelessness he had completely knocked off her feet and had sent her some three feet in front of him. Realizing his mistake he instantly reached out to help her up, but what was meant as a sincere gesture was hidden behind his scruffy demeanor and scowling face.

"Oh my god you pyscho get off her you butt!" A pink haired girl suddenly swung out at Chris, her fist connecting clean with the bridge of his nose with enough power to shatter the average man's skull. The sickening crack stopped Rory and Crom in their tracks, who had only now reached the scene of the incident. Without flinching, or even showing a concern for the impact, Chris continued holding out his extended arm in apology to the Blonde haired girl. She was being checked by her other companion, who brightly colored bangs distracted him for a moment from the sheer amount of color blended onto the small girls figure.

"Arria are you okay?"

"Y-yeah I think so…" Arria whimpered, the wind almost knocked out from her. With the fuming pink haired girl still fuming and refusing to back out of the way, they remained at a stand-off, Chris's posture and aura betraying his true intentions which were being misinterpreted by the girl more and more the longer their eyes remained locked.

"I am going to help up your friend, bumping into her was an accident." He muttered in annoyance, trying his best to remain calm. The sight of the possibly hurt girl grinding on his conscious from being unable to properly apologize.

"You can help her by letting my fist hit your face again, jerk! Who do you think you are crashing into her like that! You crashed into her like you were a globbing tank! I don't know about you, but my definition of accident and yours much really differ. You see back in America, we have these things called accidents, and they usually don't involve almost football tackling a defenseless girl!" She spat out while stomping her foot to the ground, ready to take on the large male despite their size difference. He stood a good head taller than her, yet despite this she did not yield her position to him.

Chris was impressed with the determination of the young girl, but the situation had dragged on long enough and he pushed his way past her. With her slapping, punching, and clawing at his back he made his way towards the fallen girl who had been retrieving her things from the ground with the help of multi-bangs. He lowered himself besides her keeping wary of the multi-bang girl in case she too was a miniature power house, and helped pick up the rest of her school supplies before grabbing her hand firmly and hoisting her back onto her feet.

"I'm sorry, I was trying to avoid those idiots over there and I wasn't looking where I was going…" He pulled his hoodie away from his face revealing his amber brown eyes, hoping that revealing his entire face would help promote his sincerity.

"Chris, dude why you got to throw us under the bus like that! It was Rory's fault any how!" Chrom chimed in immediately before receiving a punch from Rory. It wasn't long before the two were wrestling on the ground with each other over whose fault it was for the collision.

Watching the two friends of the boy fight Arria smiled and shook her head gently before giving him a knowing smile.

"Chris is it? Well… I know how childish fights can drain on a person's nerves." She nodded in the pink haired girl's direction and smirked. ‘So no harm done okay?"

"T-Thanks for understanding, it doesn't help that were almost late for school either." Chris was a bit taken aback from Arria's quickness to forgive and understanding, but concluded it was merely a friendly gesture.

"That's funny! We were just rushing our way to school ourselves when-" She started before a loud thunderous noise rocked throughout the neighborhood. The noise shook the very earth they were standing on. The nearby housing and businesses swayed back in forth from the mere shockwave the massive acoustic was blaring from what sounded like all directions. Very much more like an explosion than a bell, the six teenagers struggled to hold their ground until over time the vibrations stopped and they caught their balance.

"Oh my glob, what in the world was that!" Crom yelled, whose sudden outburst had every one turn their attention towards him. In the heat of the moment, combined with the sheer shock of the noise, he had jumped up into Rory's arms, which were shaking with the strain of trying to keep them from collapsing over.

"Well Crom, if you would have read the pamphlet on Bouken high that I gave you a week ago, that is the bell they use to alert their students that they are late." Rory grinned being able to show off his ability to hold information and smirked before dropping Crom quickly to the ground. "Now get off!"

"What kind of school has a bell like that to tell a student that their late?" Alexis questioned absent mindedly before piecing two and two together, as had the rest of the group.

"WE'RE LATE!!!" All six cried out in unison as the thought crossed through them all like a slap in the face.

"Rory I told you that all that singing would make us late!" Chrom accused suddenly.

"You're the one who started fighting me when it was your fault Chris hit that girl!" Rory shot back.

"Arria, you just had to play the drama queen and lay on the ground for that long" Alexis hissed swiftly.

"Guys, we should probably get going now!" Cat meekly interjected.

"Cat keep out of this!" Alexis screamed.

"Meep!" Cat sunk back and twiddled her fingers giving up on explaining reason to the group.

Chris sighed and placed his hoodie back where it belonged and cracked his neck while checking to see if his sneakers were on tight. "Glob all this junk" Arria watched Chris and caught on to his next move, tightening her grip on her narwhal bag and tied her hair up in a ponytail. "Agreed, ready?"

"Always!" Without any further warning the two had jolted off leaving the arguing companions in the dust as they dashed towards the school.

"Hey wait for us!" was all they could make out as they blasted their way through the small crowds of people on the street who were gathering at the spectacle they had caused. The group has hastily gathered their things and were running behind the two, trying to catch up. It was only a couple of minutes before the large six story building loomed in front of them. The purple painted building stood proudly on top of a local hill, a spectacle and bold representation of how the school and its identity of being larger than life. Its clean windows and polished exterior was almost blinding as just how much care and strain had been put into it. They had little time to admire how glorious the building was as they ran up the four hundred steps to the entrance and bolted down the hall.

"Rory, what room was it!?" Chris shouted back hoping they had caught up by now.

"Room six hundred and sixty six! Sixth floor!" Rory managed to yell back despite his gasps for breath.

"You jerks are in the same class as ours?!" Alexis squealed in disbelieve. Catching a glimpse at the clock before entering the stairway Chris saw the time. They were already more than half an hour late.

"Glob it Rory you didn't tell us they only ring the bell when your late!" Chrom added as the group climbed past each other trying to get up all six hundred stairs.

"Why does this building have to be so large, so very large!" complained Alexis as her hair frizzled with sweat and spent energy.

Finally reaching the sixth floor the halls were strangely vacant as they ran past room six hundred and twenty…thirty…forty…fifty… When they finally crashed through the door, having fighting each other to get in first, they ended up on a dog pile. The door had been opened for them by what assumingly was another classmate. A tall girl tilted her head at the gang and nervously laughed as they pushed each other off and stood up dusting themselves off.

"Names Mero, nice to meet you, I'm guessing your part of this class too?" She questioned curiously at Chris, assuming he was the leader of the ragtag group of misfits from his presence.

"Chris…and yeah looks like we are all in this class together…" Chris and the gang looked around the room finally taking the time to calm down and gather their senses. What waited their gazes was a horribly lit room, with broken down mangled desks, and enough dust to fill in five large pot holes. It was a drastic contrast the clean, maintained, and elegant form the school represented on the outside. A few other students had managed to sit down in the few desks that were still able to be called one at best, while others were forced to sit on the floor. One student had even made a made shift bed across two broken ones and was snoring up a storm with a book over his face. No authority figure to be found amidst the broken down class room, which the longer you stared at, resembled more of a janitor's closet than a dedicated place for learning.

"What the plop is this?!" Chrom yelled in disgust. "We fly halfway around the world for some school that is supposed to be the greatest privilege any kid with a dream could beg for, and yet all I see is a bunch of crap, broken junk all over the place, and no teacher over half an hour into class? Is this some kind of joke?! Cause I am not laughing! Wait until my folks here about this; they are so going to the head of the school about this!" Chris growled furiously as he made his way to the window to hopefully get better reception on his cell phone he produced from his coat. He had barely managed to text out a few words before a calm, collective voice intervened.

"There is no texting during class…" The source of the voice was the young man who had previously been sleeping. He had removed the book, revealing his glimmering purple hair, which bangs had been carelessly brushed over his right side, and his glowing hazel eyes, that seemed to sparkle with the smallest hints of gold in them as the sunlight bounced off of them. Sitting on the edge of the desk he swung his feet and whistled quietly, a cat whose existence suddenly became known as she jumped through the nearby open window closest to the boy jumped onto his shoulder and he stroked it lovingly. "Good morning Nikki, guess I overslept again didn't I?" He laughed heartily before yawning and stretching.

"Real funny kid…And what's with that darn cat? I am pretty sure those aren't allowed. Wait screw this I don't have to listen to you, wait until my family tears this place a new globbed darn stuff hole!" Crom had resumed typing his message and had almost hit send before a looming shadow suddenly covered over his shoulder. The boy who had previously been twenty feet apart from him, separated by students and destroyed furniture was a mere foot away from him. Crom only had a moment to catch the shocked looks of the class and his friends before the boy lowered his head, his hair hiding the glimmer of light in his eyes as his right leg tensed and veered back.

He's fast…

"I SAID NO TEXTING DURING CLASS!" Before Crom could interject the boy had kicked him clean on his Adam's apple with unworldly strength. His windpipe crushed and the force of the kick propelled him upwards and shattered the glass window behind him. Shards flew past him as his phone shot out his hands and he tried to understand what had happened before he blacked out. Brushing his hair out of his face and petting his feline companion the boy kicked an over turned desk suddenly sending it spiraling through the air and side kicked an over turned chair. Before both had reached the ground he merely jumped backwards, somehow matching his timing perfectly to sit back lazily in the chair and kick his feet up on the now upright desk. Reaching behind him without looking back he scratched against the blackboard in a distorted motion, being unreadable by those in the class, his name on the chalkboard.

"Good morning class, my name is Kazuma, and I will be your teacher. I hope we can all get along fine." He smiled with a cheerful grin as the cat meowed excitedly.

No sooner had he finished his movement and introduction that a loud splat, a splat that only a human body splattering across the concrete six floor down would make. The splintering of bones and the huge impact still finding its way up to the six floor window where the once living student was standing.

"Welcome, to Bouken High."